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Tap Cheer & Give

Tap Cheer & Give = Success!

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Our Tap Cheer & Give event was an enormous success with a tremendous turnout of socially conscious people partying with a purpose. Here’s a recap of the action for those of you who missed us.

An eclectic assortment of Angelinos from around the city made the trek to Cross Campus in Santa Monica, helping Tap Cheer & Give show what can happen when you bring people together for charity.

The best part of putting on our events at Tap & Cheer is the kind of people we attract to our events. When you have an opportunity to party with a purpose, the best is brought out in everyone.

Tap Cheer & Give

Photo by Inga Ornelas

Ten percent of our ticket sales went to supporting one of the socially aware organizations in attendance, which included Omniscience Apparel, SOLO Eyewear, This Bar Saves Lives, and Would-Works. The remainder of proceeds benefited the SurfRider Foundation.

We were blown away by the wonderful people who turned out for the event and helped us to spread the word about our wonderful partners’ charitable endeavors while having a great time. From start to finish, we had an amazing party thanks to our wonderful patrons.

Our event also brought out ten amazing breweries – Angel City Brewing Co., El Segundo Brewing Co., Firestone Walker Brewing Co., Golden Road Brewing Co., Hangar 24 Craft Brewery, LA Ale Works, Ladyface Ale Companie, Smog City Brewing Co., The Dude’s Brewing Co., and Venice Duck Brewery.

Each brewery brought their A game with an amazing variety of beer styles being represented by our beer partners. The beer booths were buzzing with Tap Cheer & Give goers enjoying everything they had to offer.

Overall, there were twenty-one different beers to sample as event goers enjoyed music, crash courses on beer, and fantastic food and beverages.

Tap Cheer & Give

Photo by Inga Ornelas

Baby’s Badass Burgers, Bird Pick Tea & Herb, LA Ale Works Sodas, Melody Bar & Grill, Pork Belly’s Sandwich Shop, and Wise Coffee kept the crowd fueled while Federico Alonso of B.A.2.L.A. blasted out the jams and kept the crowd grooving.

It was also impressive how many Tap Cheer & Give goers checked in on our crash courses with beer judge/writer Tomm Carroll and beer guru Carl Townsend of Pacific Gravity Home Brewers Club. While we kept the party going on the main stage, they were busy educating our event goers about in-depth subjects like the origins of beer.

Needless to say, Tap Cheer & Give raised the bar for us. With the success of our event, the next Tap & Cheer party only promises to be bigger and better.

Thank you to everyone that made this event a resounding success. We’re looking forward to the next one!


Tap Cheer & Give

Tap Cheer & Give is Coming!

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Tap Cheer & Give is coming up, and we’ve added a bonus to make our socially responsible event your socially responsible event – Uber taxi rides.

Uber will give a $50 credit towards your first ride when you use the promo code TAPANDCHEER by clicking here. This makes it easier to come down and responsibly enjoy the fantastic local brewers who will be at our Tap Cheer & Give event on March 29th.

Our unique beer festival showcases socially responsible breweries and innovative cause-supporting brands that are making a positive impact on their community, environment, employees, or humanity as a whole.

Our stellar line-up of award winning breweries at Tap Cheer & Give includes:

Angel City Brewing Co.Tap Cheer & Give LA Aleworks

El Segundo Brewing Co.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Golden Road Brewing Co.

Hangar 24 Craft Brewery

LA Ale Works

Ladyface Ale CompanieTap Cheer & Give Hangar 24

Phantom Carriage

Smog City Brewing Co.

The Dude’s Brewing Co.

Venice Duck Brewery

With your 5 oz. souvenir glass, you’ll be able to get unlimited samples of over 20 different beers for $35 dollars if you buy your ticket before March 15th (Beware the Ides of March and save!) or $40 after. But that’s only the beginning of what we have in store for you.

We’re also offering beer crash courses for our fellow beer lovers who want to know more about the art of beer. Beer judge and writer Tomm Carroll along with beer guru Carl Townsend of Pacific Gravity Home Brewers Club will cover all of the beer essentials with crash courses ranging from the origin of specific styles of beer to the appropriate way to taste and evaluate it.

While you’re enjoying your beer sampling, we’ll also have food trucks and beverage booths on standby to satisfy your appetite and thirst while Federico Alonso of B.A.2.L.A. blasts out the jams at our Earth shaking, Earth quaking celebration.

Some of the fine vendors representing at Tap Cheer & Give include: Baby’s Badass Burgers, Bird Pick Tea & Herb, LA Ale Works Sodas, Melody Bar & Grill, Pork Belly’s Sandwich Shop, and Wise Coffee.

We’ve got the tap and cheer part of our celebration down, but this is the part where we talk about how we give so you can feel good about cutting loose. Ten percent of your ticket price goes to support one of the fantastic and socially aware organizations in attendance: Omniscience Apparel, SOLO Eyewear, SurfRider Foundation, This Bar Saves Lives, and Would-Works.Tap Cheer & Give Uber

Each organization does wonderful things ranging from providing eye care for people in need to providing meals to hungry children in need. You can’t go wrong with having a great time while helping others.

Come on down to Cross Campus at 1558-A Tenth Street in Santa Monica from 2-6 p.m. to enjoy the best beer and food Los Angeles has to offer while supporting some worthy causes. Don’t forget to cash in on your Uber promo code TAPANDCHEER by clicking here for $50 off of your first ride so you travel to and from the event responsibly and hassle free. See you there!



Tap & Cheer Karma Kolsch

A Tale of Two Brews: LA Ale Works’ Karma Kolsch Meets Bird Pick Tea

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Tap & Cheer met up with LA Ale Works‘ Kristofor “Kip” Barnes and OC Beer Blog’s Greg Nagel for a unique meeting – a tea tasting.

Barnes, lead brewer at LA Ale Works and founder of, partnered with Lan Ong of Bird Pick Tea & Herb to sample various teas being considered for infusion in the Karma Kolsch for LA Ale Works.

This craft beer takes the German ale standard that follows the purity law, but adds a decidedly interesting twist. Traditionally considered the lightest ale brewed, Kolschs offer a complexity in taste that finishes mildly dry with a medium alcohol content.Tap & Cheer Karma Kolsch

Bird Pick, located in the Fox Hills Mall at their Westfield Culver City location, offered a traditional tea time of noon. Their front porch served as the perfect spot for the tasters to enjoy Bird Pick’s offerings.

The tasting afforded the group an opportunity to taste various teas ranging from fruity iced Thai teas to spicy Indian flavors like ginger and masala chai to mellow florals like chrysanthemum and jasmine.

Beer infusion can be an unpredictable gamble, especially when it comes to fruit infusion. However, the tasting yielded some interesting couplings after some relaxing tasting and spirited discussion over what would make up the next batch of Karma Kolsch.

Kip from LA Ale Works decided on the more subtle flavor of jasmine green tea, which adds a subtle element of possibility to the Kolsch while keeping things simple.Tap & Cheer Karma Kolsch

Greg Nagel, who was originally interested in something with a mimosa like taste, decided on a chrysanthemum flower infusion that mixed citrus and a note of masala chai tea, which hints at an interesting fusion with the Kolsch.

Last, but not least, I was originally interested in something tropical and reminiscent of my Cuban roots, but took another exotic route by choosing Indian Black Tea with ginger.

Having said that, who will get to taste the final product after these interesting and exotic flavors finish their journey from idea to brew? There will be a few opportunities to taste the fruits of Kip’s labors.

Greg will have his own personal Karma Kolsch, ready to be be tapped, at his upcoming Firkfest event on March 22 down in Anaheim, CA. This event will benefit the Anaheim Family YMCA and boasts 30 local breweries from Southern California representing.

Tap & Cheer will have my Indian Black Tea with ginger Karma Kolsch at our TAP, CHEER, & GIVE event in Santa Monica, CA on March 29th from 2-6 p.m.Tap & Cheer Karma Kolsch

Our all-access pass for this event includes unlimited sampling from the local breweries involved with LA Ale Works, Golden Road Brewing, Angel City Brewery, and Firestone Walker Brewery to name a few. There will also be educational courses, music, and opportunities to support some of the most innovative socially-responsible brands and the nonprofit causes they support.

Come on down and have a great time with us as we enjoy what promises to be some interesting beer.